I am a freelance frontend developer based in Kyoto, Japan

My mission is to make your business more visible online.

  • I code a web template for your online presentation or e-commerce with responsive design.
  • I can use frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation etc.) or jQuery library if desired.
  • CSS pre-processor SASS and BEM naming convention.
  • Better SEO ranking by using correct HTML tags.
  • Ready to cooperate with teams, I master GIT as well as project management apps Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp,...

My portfolio

Working freelance since 2010, I have undertaken/accomplished dozens of projects. View some of them below.

Template for different.cz
Template for hanamickova.cz
Template huskycz.cz for client CloudSailor
Template for indies.eu
Template for menuodkoko.cz
Template for novavisio.cz
Template for wildandcoco.com for client CloudSailor
Template for pro sandratejnecka.cz
Template for napojse.cz
Template for techarena.cz
Template for okna-sevcik.cz

Get in touch

Or send me an email info@petrkasparek.cz.